VEICULOSUR is a platform that encourages artistic networks and proposes an international itinerant residency as a form of action. The objective is the meeting and dialogue between artists from different countries. We propose a constant journey of movement and reflection, a dislocation from south to north. The platform is an invitation to approach the economic, social, political and artistic contexts of each place, a recognition of the ways of making art of each place and its artists. It puts, thus, different models of creation and production in dialogue. In this way, we seek to relativize the concept of a “north” as a guide, building other ways of creating and producing, configuring new and multiple “north”, independent of political-geographical conventions.

The residency is held in six stages in which local and foreign artists are present: Montevideo/Uruguay, Santiago/Chile, São Paulo/Brazil, Bourges and Lyon/France, Munich/Germany, Helsinki/Finland. At each stage, collaborative artistic processes will be experienced by the different artists and their languages.

The central theme of these meetings is CONFLICTS OF SOCIAL NORMS AND FOREIGN BODIES. The relationship with our environment, architecture, territory, urbanism, social codes and the way it affects our bodies and their movements; in the constant search to understand and recognize ourselves despite distances and differences; that is, a new way of creation, a convergence of ideas that help to move our own actions.