residenzPLUS is a program that leads us to identify the beginning of what later became plattformPLUS. It is our territory of research and management of new projects, works and programs. Today, we define it as a transdisciplinary collaborative space of artistic production and co-production, which, above all, derives from the construction of relationships, affections and affinities. The residenzPLUS was designed in 2008, a period in which we were a small group of friends reflecting on territorial boundaries and language barriers transmitted to clichés infused with colonialist, capitalist and patriarchal history, from the desire and need to create bridges and organize alternative spaces of artistic and cultural production. Later, this small group was enriched with new members, more than 100 artists, outlining practices as transcendental as disobedient about the spaces of power. We have no limits in relation to our members or the space-time in which we inhabit. 

Over the years, residenzPLUS has developed a network of institutional and non-institutional collaborations that originated in Munich, Germany: At Villa Waldberta we have held triennial residency editions (2013, 2016 and 2019) where each edition eight multidisciplinary artists are immersed in creative processes for three months; since 2011 we have held an annual collaborative exchange residency at Tanztendenz e.V. for two weeks for choreographers between São Paulo and Munich. 

We are in constant movement and these impulses lead us to design new training bases (Brazil and France) in order to experience resonances and investigations in relation to other contexts, stories, architectures, local artistic scenes and temperatures. We are a body-territory capable of infiltrating all the spaces in which we can invest.