The first edition of residenzPlusAfroT was at Villa Waldberta-Feldafing/DE, from January to March 2019, within the residenzPLUS program of plattformPLUS funded by Kulturreferat München. residenzPlusAfroT was subtitled “AfroTranscendence “*. 

When the choreographer and curator Mário Lopes joined the Afro-T immersion group in 2016, a project idealized by the curator Diane Lima in 2015, the first ideas to do something together came up. Mario Lopes, who had been doing residencies and artistic processes as one of the creators of plattformPLUS for some time, brought the proposal to think of a program that would mean the joining of the two researches – his and Lima’s. 

The concept of the program was thought up from conceptual triggers, i.e., themes that cross both plattformPLUS and Afro-T research, which are: self-preservation, self-care and colonial trauma; politics of memory, practices of resignification and decoloniality; foreign body; intertextuality, crossroads, multi and interdisciplinarity. The first approach was to consider artists with different languages, so that these boundaries could be blurred in order to have a cross-contamination between works and processes. All the artists somehow answered the questions we are investigating, which helps us to have a body capable of establishing diverse practices of collective learning.

*AfroT-AFROTRANSCENDENCE, a decolonial program of immersion in creation processes that has been taking place for 4 years in Brazil. Proposing a curatorial practice in perspective, AfroT is a pioneer for experimenting and discussing issues around education and the production of knowledge from artistic practices and resistance, by Diane Lima.