Et tu savais que tout entier je ne suis rien, qu’il me faut être au moins deux, et c’est déjà peu et trop peu, et j’ai trop peur, ça m’a jamais suffi d’être aimé et d’être gentil, j’ai des besoins de faire entrer en moi des villes, de replier, en moi, toutes les immensités, goûter et regoûter, encore, à tout ce que le monde a de perlé, et mort, et mordre. Et donner. 

Extrait de “Cusset”, La Campagne, Marguerin Le Louvier


It is you who know that I do not belong to you, that I must be at least twice, and that it is already my fault and too much my fault, that I am never worthy and kind, I have the need to get into my villas, to replicate, in my mind, all the immensity, the gutter and the water, even, to all that the world has perlé, and death, and bite. Et donner. 

Extrait from “Cusset”, La Campagne, Marguerin Le Louvier

PLUScruising* is a research, friction, networking and creation platform that aims to create porous spaces for art, desire, politics and celebrations, accessible to all.

The platform is a wasteland where one can explore collisions and falling, anxiety and desire, the body and contact, interstitial and overflowing. It is a space of negotiation, cohabitation and affirmation for the existences in their singularities and aesthetics. It invites the regeneration of our bodies and our subjectivities, to explore the possibilities of encounter through experimentation, itinerancy, displacement and presence.

PLUScruising accompanies creations with which it creates a living archive, proposes times of encounter, readings, round tables, workshops and hybrid forms.

*The cruiser is an explorer whose senses are in full awakening, sensitive to the slightest whisper, to the slightest breath. Cruising is a primitive activity, in the sense that it is constituted as an initial, original, primal activity that plunges its explorers into another dimension, outside the time of the city and of practical reason.

In French: paquerar / “marauder” → hunting, predation, in search of an unknown prey (hidden in the bottom of the water) “paquerar the city” → go around the city in search of something to bring.

In English: to cruise / cross → “Flâner”. Type of experience more than practice, inseparable from walking and looking. Visuality ++++ Temporality ++++ Movement +++ Sliding.

FACT.Trans Art and Creations Festival

The Trans Art and Creations Festival is one of the projects of the PLUScruising program. It is an international, multidisciplinary festival for the general public, which aims to give visibility and promote the artistic creation of trans people.

The Festival was born from a collective will to reflect on the positioning of trans people as subjects of their discourses and the contribution of views, thoughts and practices located in the fields of arts and culture, placing trans artists at the center of the programming and organization. Thought of as a festival for all, the proposal was, since its first edition in 2019, to present a 10-day program of performances, theater, cinema, shows, readings, street art and moments linked to exchange and collective creation such as workshops, conferences, open scene, etc., inviting more than 50 local, regional and transnational artists.

The project is conducted by the PLUS platform and the research lab “Labo TPG” of ENS – National Higher School of Lyon (FR). It is inspired by the Trans Art Week, a festival organized by the city of Montevideo (UY), whose objective is to make trans and transvestite people visible, as well as to show the non-heteronormative gazes on them from a new perspective: as a subject of right to culture.

The Festival of Trans Art and Creations was created in a dynamic of regional and international exchanges, because we believe that it becomes crucial to divert our gazes from the traditional or common place in order to better understand the complexity of the issues raised by transgender identities and question hegemonic constructions in culture, as well as to create spaces for new narratives. This multiplicity of views and approaches to transgender issues not only promotes the circulation of knowledge in different cultural and artistic spheres, but also extends them to broader notions of identities and norms.