PlattformPLUS was created in 2008 and has been interested since then in promoting its network of artists through various platforms. Among them, it counts on a support system designed to encourage research, artistic processes and beliefs that move us more and more to project an imaginary operative to produce new realities.


Bolsa Descriar 

Period:  – Quarterly – 06/2020

It’s time to design transformations to realize the possible utopias

The current situation due to Covid-19 concerns us all. Today we cannot renounce and close our eyes to the inequalities exacerbated by the crisis.

That is why the international artistic platform PLUS launched the “Bolsa Descriar” to support seven artists from Latin America who have participated in one of the platform’s programs in recent years (FACT – Festival de Arte e Criações Trans, residuo PLUS Afro -T, vehiculoSUR, Residenz PLUS). These supports will not require any work or counterparts from the artists, as we firmly believe in the meaning of the works and reflections of the artists who are benefiting from this support and therefore we wish to continue our exchanges, based on mutual reinforcement, distancing ourselves from any idea of development aid or perverse philanthropy.

This program has been carried out in response to urgent needs and with a deep desire to change to a community that refuses to return to what is usually considered normal and reiterates the importance, value and respect for our network of artists and members responsible for the re_existence of plattformPLUS and all its means of radiation.

Thus, as already said, the Bolsa Descriar is intended to support 7 artists who participated in one of the PLUS platform programs with which we continue to maintain a collaborative process. Thus, for a period of three months, the artists receive a monthly grant (in local currency, depending on where they are). In 2020 we held the first edition of the scholarship.